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Finding Calm in Suds: How Washing Your Car Can Be Therapeutic

Washing your car can be more than just a chore – it can also be a therapeutic experience. Many people find the process of washing their car to be calming and relaxing, and it's not hard to see why. In this article, we'll explore the connection between washing cars and therapy and how you can use this activity to destress and unwind.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Washing Cars:

Washing cars is a multi-sensory experience that engages our senses and promotes mindfulness. The sound of water spraying, the smell of soap, the feel of the sponge on the surface, and the sight of the shiny car after the job is done are all sensations that can help to ground us in the present moment and promote relaxation.

Furthermore, washing cars is a task that requires a certain level of physical effort, which can be beneficial for those looking to incorporate more physical activity into their routine. Engaging in physical activity has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, boost mood, and improve overall mental health.

Tips for Using Car Washing as Therapy:

1. Embrace the process: Rather than viewing car washing as a chore, try to embrace the process and see it as an opportunity to engage in a therapeutic activity.

2. Focus on the sensations: Pay attention to the sensations you're experiencing while washing your car. Focus on the sound of the water spraying, the smell of the soap, the feel of the sponge on the surface, and the sight of the shiny car after the job is done.

3. Use it as a mindfulness exercise: Use car washing as a mindfulness exercise by focusing on your breath and the present moment while engaging in the activity.

4. Engage in physical activity: Use car washing as an opportunity to engage in physical activity. Move your body, stretch, and use the opportunity to get some exercise while doing a task that needs to be done.

5. Enjoy the end result: Take a moment to appreciate the end result of your hard work. Stand back and admire the clean and shiny car, and take pride in a job well done.


Washing your car can be a therapeutic experience that engages your senses, promotes mindfulness, and provides an opportunity for physical activity. By embracing the process, focusing on the sensations, using it as a mindfulness exercise, engaging in physical activity, and enjoying the end result, you can use car washing as a tool for destressing and unwinding. So the next time you need a break from the stresses of daily life, grab a bucket, soap, and sponge, and get washing!
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