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Power and Precision on the Track and in Your Toolbox: The DEWALT X McLaren Collaboration - General Pumps

Power and Precision on the Track and in Your Toolbox: The DEWALT X McLaren Collaboration

When two giants in their respective fields join forces, it is bound to make waves. Such is the case with the collaboration between DEWALT, the renowned power tools brand, and McLaren Formula 1, a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. This unexpected partnership has resulted in the creation of a limited edition co-branded collection, featuring high-performance power tools and storage products. As we delve into the details of this unique collaboration, we'd like to introduce ourselves as General Pumps, one of the largest authorized distributors and service partners for DEWALT in India, offering genuine products and seamless delivery at the most affordable prices.

DEWALT and McLaren: A Powerful Collaboration:

DEWALT has long been synonymous with top-quality power tools for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. Their DCS355D2-GB cordless multi-tool, known for its versatility and performance, has earned its place in the list of best multi-tools by T3. Additionally, DEWALT's reputation extends to their cordless drills, making them the go-to brand for tool upgrades this summer.

On the other hand, McLaren Formula 1 has consistently pushed the boundaries of speed and precision on the racetrack. Their partnership with Stanley Black & Decker, the parent company of DEWALT, solidifies the link between the world of racing and the world of construction and manufacturing.

The Limited Edition Collection:

The DEWALT X McLaren F1 Team collection comprises five specially designed pieces, aiming to bring the excellence and precision demanded by F1 racing to construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Mark Woor, EMEA-ANZ Brand Marketing Director for DEWALT, emphasizes the parallel between the high-pressure environment of F1 racing and the challenging job sites construction professionals encounter daily.

The collection showcases DEWALT's best-selling products with a distinct color scheme of black, orange, and silver, displaying both brands' logos with pride. Each tool has been engineered to deliver F1-like power, ensuring exceptional performance in every task.

Highlighting the Collection:

  1. 18V XR Brushless Hammer Drill Driver: This compact drill boasts 90Nm of torque and 50% more power with two G-Class POWERSTACK batteries, making it DEWALT's latest and most powerful brushless 2-speed hammer drill.

  2. 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver: The smallest impact driver from DEWALT, this tool packs a punch in its compact form, delivering impressive power to handle any challenge.

  3. 18V XR Brushless Twin Kit: A complete kit featuring the hammer drill driver, impact driver, two POWERSTACK compact batteries, charger, and kit box, providing an expert solution for various applications and storage needs.

  4. DEWALT X McLaren F1 Team 3 in 1 TSTAK Tower: Offering optimal storage and protection for your tools and accessories, this three-layer polypropylene construction comes equipped with carrying handles and wheels for ease of transport.

  5. DEWALT X McLaren F1 Team Pro Backpack: Designed to store and transport tools, this backpack serves as both a practical storage solution and a unique merchandise piece.


The unexpected collaboration between DEWALT and McLaren Formula 1 has resulted in a powerful and precision-oriented collection of limited edition power tools and storage products. As the proud authorized distributor and service partner for DEWALT, offers access to these genuine products, ensuring a seamless delivery experience at the most affordable prices. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an F1 fan, this unique collection promises to elevate your tool game and bring a touch of racing flair to your projects.

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